Red Bull Flugtag Philadelphia 2010

One year ago this month Pete, Nick, Josh, and Jim of the Dusters along with their good buddy Alan Peterson participated in the Philadelphia leg of the 2010 Red Bull Flugtag competition.
In case you're not familiar, Flugtag is when a bunch of idiots build a human powered flying machine and push it off a 30 foot pier to see (1), if it will fly, and (2) whether they will survive the drop.

We were Team Grease Lightning, a bunch of greasers who piloted a 30 ft. Cheesesteak complete with P-40 Mustang paint job.  Even though we had to perform a 30 second skit then jump off a pier into the Deleware river in front of 85,000 spectators, the hardest part was actually getting 5 guys to get their shit together and build the craft itself in our tiny ass basement in South Philly.

With the help of a lot of friends (and a lot of booze), we managed to pull it off despite hurricane force winds nearly canceling the event entirely.  Here's a video of our world record attempt............(for negative distance):
We come in at 2:15

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