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Dust Mite

Future hellraiser, Shin Jr.

I know what I'm getting him for Xmas. 


War Hungry Show

Come out and support Mook (Dusters SF/Wilkes-Barre) and his band War Hungry. See you there!


Sweet 2-Stroke Yamaha Collection

Definitely three 2-Strokes bikes I'd love to have in my own personal collection.  Not only do they rip (well, the RZs definitely do, and the YSR rips as much as it can) but the graphic schemes match as well.  Info located here.  Found via the Throttle Yard.


Radlands Weekend continued

More pics of the weekend in Harleysville courtesy of Patrick Blake.


Radlands Weekend

More pics HERE.


Mercer Motor Cars

This past Saturday before last, my cousin Laura got married in Lambertville, NJ.  It's a small town that borders the scenic Delaware River directly across the bridge from New Hope, PA.  If you have a free afternoon, take a trip to that area and ride along River Road in PA or Rt. 29 in NJ for some of the most popular roads for motorcyclists that Southeastern Pennsylvania has to offer.  With the exception of traffic on the weekends, Fall is undoubtedly the best season to go.

Karl Darby, my uncle and my cousin Laura's father, chauffeured the wedding party in his restored 1921 Mercer.  For those that aren't familiar Mercer Motor Cars were built from 1909-1925 in Trenton, Mercer County, NJ.  They were financed by the Roebling family, the makers of Roebling Steel which were used in the cables of the Brooklyn Bridge among others.  This is where the famous saying on the Warren Street Bridge, "Trenton Makes, the World Takes," originated.

Amazing car, beautiful wedding, perfect day.